Nayma Software

Nayma Software is a company involved in videogames, multimedia and computer art. Education and Development.

Founded and directed by Fabio Barzagli with the participation of programmers, musicians, graphics, artists and collaborators.

The company starts in Florence - 1997 - and has its first official presentations between 1997 and 1998 at Saloon.bit multimedia fair (Lingotto, Torino) and MediARTech Digital Renaissance[1] tradeshow (Fortezza da Basso, Firenze), one of most important multimedia fair, where Nayma catches the attention of public, institutions and firms.

An intense activity, products and events (some, of international relevance), will follow.

Main activities (1997-2006) ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Video games development, some titles developed: Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths (one of italian most famous adventure game ever), Blarg (puzzle game), Paniko (puzzle game), Ecoland (god game, simulation), Malleus Maleficarum (3d arcade/adventure), Starshocks (2d shoot'em up) and others.[2][3]
  • DLAB, first italian videogame school (3 editions 2002/06 - see DLab chapter).
  • Avalon Multimedia Experiences, students/ex-students non profit association for the creation of new creative/professional work profiles. Created in collaboration with public school ITC Alessandro Volta (Bagno a Ripoli).[4]
  • TRIP'99 - The Real Italian Party, international meeting about home computer demoscene called from media "the Woodstock of Computer Art". Held in Florence sport palace during March 1999. Main sponsors: IBM, Sun, Roland, OpenGL, Silicon Graphics, Dadanet, Area51, Gamestore, Infomedia, Proxel.[5]
  • Media Experience, educational TV program for schools about multimedia and information technology (1997-199, CANALE 10 Cecchi Gori Group). Over 30 episodes.[6]
  • Music and sound effects for some world distributed videogames such Trauma Zero, Euro League Manager, Operation Nutcracker, XTM Motor Racing, Legend of Rome, Steam Empire, and others.
  • Collaborations with Regione Toscana, European Social Funds and various institutions for over 200.000 euro of european financing for OB3 educational projects.
  • Consulting service for artists such H.V. Cannelle and E.Bennato, and other multimedia and creative projects.

  • Through its manifold activities and its network of relations, Nayma has been creating new professional figures, hundreds of young people well integrated in the work environment today, as computer scientists and creatives.

    DLab Videogames - school for Developers ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    DLab (registered trademark) has been the first italian videogame school that had three editions in Arezzo, Florence and Ferrara.[7]

    Founded in 2002 and conducted with by Fabio Barzagli and his friend Bernardo Innocenti[8], DLab has been collaborating and organizing courses with many partners like Cooperativa Sociale Electra, ITIS Galileo Galilei Arezzo, Develer SRL, ISA Firenze, ITIS Carpeggiani Ferrara, Centro Studi CS Pistoia, Regione Toscana, with the contribute of the European Social Funds (FSE) for innovative projects.

    DLab had the attention of main italian videogames magazine like The Game Machine, Game Programming, Music Planet, Bitplane, 3D Mansion[9], .., and was invited for conference during WEBB.IT 2002 (big italian meeting in Padova on video game development and demoscene)

    First multiplatform videogame developed was called "Starshocks" (asteroid clone) and was developed using c/c++ language and sourceforge web platform for source code repository and team work collaboration between teachers and students (charted Top-40 most operative project in 2002). Starshocks was reviewed by Daniele Vergini on The Game Machine mentioned in Talent Zone[10].

    The game is freely available for windows and linux.

    External links ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    * DLab Videogames portal,
    * Youtube webtv chn.,
    * Fabio Barzagli,

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